Chronic Infection


These are probably 2 great products that you can try for any chronic infection. HydroCell and Ionic Silver are special in that they do work and there has never been any negative side effect reported. As far we know that they do not interfere with other treatment as such but rather complement from some of the users'€™ comment.

HydroCell is developed specially with a stabilized oxygen and Ionic Silver is without the oxygen. They are made according to GMP standard to guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products. HydroCell and Ionic Silver are made to the highest standard to ensure purity and safety of our products.

There are many who have tried to do the "home-made"€ products but is it worth it if you cannot be sure of the consistency and purity of the products? Sadly other poorly made products will discredit the good science of silver as a “natural anti-viral” solution.

Due to the legal requirement, we are unable to publish any product feedback but you probably found us online from someone who may have tried our products successfully. Information within this website is for educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA).

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As manufacturer of HydroCell and Ionic Silver, we practice what we make; by consuming our products regularly. There has never been any ill-effect for the last 20 years when we first started making HydroCell and Ionic Silver.

We hope you will find the products beneficial and good health is a habit.

Thank You for reading.

To your good health