Save up to 3 times the money using our Ionic Silver Products

Why you save up to 3 times the money using our Ionic Silver Products

Ions versus Colloids (Colloidal Silver)

Silver Ions are bio-active. Silver Colloidal particles are not. This means that silver ions can interact and disable pathogens in the body rapidly.

The few active ions in colloidal silver are what provide the benefit

When colloidal silver is manufactured some ions of silver are created and bind to the colloids, it is these ions that provide an effect and not the colloids themselves which are at best inert and thus ineffective.

These bound silver ions are not guaranteed to leave the silver colloid when inside the body as most are in a form that is too strong to disassociate, although some are not and these active ions provide the beneficial effects of colloidal silver.

With colloidal silver you are paying for a product that has impurities in - which your body needs to get rid of (excess stress and energy on the body).

HealthWest Ionic Silver

Our HealthWest Ionic Silver contains many more silver ions then any known colloidal product and more importantly, our silver ions are designed to specifically target pathogens. That is they can easily pass into the body to target pathogens.

The remaining active silver ions in colloidal silver tend to bind up to pathogens in the mouth or gut and thus not getting a chance to get into the body's systems. This makes our product very much more effective in comparison to any colloidal silver supplement that can be rendered completely ineffective for the issue you are trying to target.

Only HealthWest Ionic Silver is 100% pure and only contains exactly what is needed, no fillers, no particles, no toxins and no colloids.

With HealthWest Ionic Silver you get approximatley 3 times the amount of active silver ions then you do with regular colloidal silver, without any impurities.