100% Money Back Guarantee

Why we are offering you a Money Back Guarantee:

1.     We believe more people should try our products for good health and fast relief from diseases

2.     Our products have no negative side-effects but you may experience a temporary healing crisis, especially if you are very ill.

3.     Thousands have benefitted from using our products.

4.     Our customers are recommending our products to others from their own success stories.

5.     Satisfaction or your money back* because we stand by our products.

6.     Our products help with a broad spectrum of illnesses and conditions such as co-infections and food poisoning

7.     Suitable for the entire family – most people keep a bottle in the pantry just in case you need a quick, natural remedy for conditions such as suspected infections or food poisoning.

8.     Easy to store with a long term shelf life meaning you can store it without the need for refrigeration.

9.     Our products are manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure purity and safety.

10.   We have been making and selling our products for over 2 decades to thousands of customers and continue to maintain our excellent track record.

*How does our satisfaction or money back guarantee work?

1.      Purchase what you need according to our guidelines. You have 21 days from the day you receive our products to request a refund if it has not helped you.

2.      Use the products according to our guidelines. These guidelines were designed because they provide optimal benefits and were derived from years of experience and observations with customers.

3.      Once you experience any relief or reduction in your symptoms, it would be appreciated if you could send us an email to share your experience with us.

4.      If it doesn’t provide you with any relief or reduction of your symptoms, please email us within 21 days from the day you received the products to us at service@hydrocell.com.au

5.      We will confirm your request for a refund and you will need to send ALL used and un-used products back to us at your expense.

6.      We will deduct our freight cost from the original purchase invoice and refund you all the (Used or un-used) products to your bank account or credit card you first used to purchase from us.

7.      There are only 5 simple steps to ensure we offer you a fair and just opportunity for good health.